Matteo CibicInventor and designer par excellence

The magician behind the first Scarlet Splendour collections.

Vanilla NoirVanilla NoirVanilla Noir


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Matteo speaks, Scarlet displays!

An unparalleled electric personality with an array of creations to match, Matteo Cibic combines opposing elements to invent the extraordinary. Having developed ideas for artisans, luxury brands, and cultural institutions, he has collaborated with Scarlet Splendour since its inception. Cibic speaks at IDS Vancouver, where we present a series of masterpieces that are equally innovative and unpredictable.

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Rise in the ranks…

A revisit to a Vanilla Noir clasic and the emergence of a chic, subtle version of The General

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A majestic chest of drawers in imperial chic

Geometric poetry on this Vanilla Noir chest of drawers in resin inlay, makes it perfect in any interior space

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A noteworthy table with discreet drawers

A table with space for reminiscence as a console or a writing desk, with an incognito pair of drawers, poised on elegant legs.

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A mandala encapsulates the world soul

It enhances a living space and connects the ordinary to the extraordinary. Matteo Cibic’s Mandala collection stuns the senses with its opulent forms and riot of colours. Hand inlaid in brass and resin. Unfold the extraordinary.


Reminiscent of the black and white movies of the silent era—classic yet fun.

Designed by Italian designer Matteo Cibic, Scarlet Splendour’s debut collection Vanilla Noir was launched in the Milan Design Week 2015. The furniture collection is inspired by Indian handicraft of bone and horn inlay and translated into a contemporary fusion of modern polymers and pigments.

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The coolness of the stone
with the warmth of carpets

Carrara marble has been the choice of artists through history for sculpted masterpieces, like Michelangelo’s David or The Pieta.


Gentle dots like romantic rain

Rain creates gorgeous patterns on the windscreen of a car, or the cheek of a young girl caught in a sudden shower. Matteo Cibic takes the romance from these gentle dots and transforms them through his design alchemy into chic contemporary rugs.


Luxury in Geometry

Unexpected forms from Matteo Cibic, transgress the monotony of straight lines set in gold on a bed of pearl and lacquered brass in stylish, chic hues. Luxurious rugs follow suit.


Sinuous ceramic gold lights

Captures the fluidity of the serpent’s movement in fine ceramic. The lights are dramatic, never subtle yet classic in their formand crafted in Italy. Matteo Cibic achieves an astonishing mixof playfulness and luxe, which are topped with hand blown, almost quirky covers over high quality LED bulbs.


Bringing the zen gardens of Japan—indoors

A luxurious collection of carpets in premium New Zealand wool (and viscose). The genius of Matteo Cibic carpets weave themselves in amazing colours that accent any interior space. Tufted and meticulously trimmed by hand in India, to resemble the karesansui or dry landscape gardens. So gorgeous you’ll be floored!


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