Vanilla Noir

Reminiscent of the black and white movies of the silent era—classic yet fun.

Designed by Italian designer Matteo Cibic, Scarlet Splendour’s debut collection Vanilla Noir was launched in the Milan Design Week 2015. The furniture collection is inspired by Indian handicraft of bone and horn inlay and translated into a contemporary fusion of modern polymers and pigments.

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  • NEW
    The Metropolis Revisited  Dining Table

    The Metropolis Revisited
    Dining Table

  • NEW
    Nanook of the North Midnight  Seat

    Nanook of the North Midnight

  • NEW Ready-to-ship
    The Playhouse Cabinet

    The Playhouse

  • NEW
    The Count Giusto Cabinet

    The Count Giusto

  • NEW
    The Count Fumoso Cabinet

    The Count Fumoso

  • NEW Ready-to-ship
    The General Giusto Study Table

    The General Giusto
    Study Table

  • NEW
    Napoleon Cabinet/Chest of Drawers

    Cabinet/Chest of Drawers

  • NEW
    Paris Bureau Bordeaux Console/Writing Table

    Paris Bureau Bordeaux
    Console/Writing Table


The Vanilla Noir Story

India's handicrafts are as multifarious as its cultures, and as rich as its history. The art of bone and horn inlay is omnipresent here. Artisans from the Northern region of Sarai Tarin, to Bengal in the East, and Trivandrum in the South, have imbibed the ancient technique from Himalayan tribes, and have made their own mark along the way. The intricately crafted combs, vases, toys, and other objets d'art have long been a connoisseur's delight, and a means of livelihood for millions.

When the founders of Scarlet Splendour and designer Matteo Cibic went on tour, in search of inspiration for their first collection, they were captivated by the exquisite bone marquetry. They decided to make a contemporary version of the playfully geometric designs, which would be accepted across the world. Cibic then developed a resin compound, and the company carried out trials with the material until they found the right mix. The resin would replicate ivory inlay, on a base of plywood, ultimately smoothened and lacquered to have no visible or tactile end. Each piece of the Vanilla Noir collection would then be made in India, by local craftsmen using locally sourced materials and pigments.

The aim was to combine Indian workmanship and Western aesthetic in such a way that each piece appears timeless, and with multiple roots. In the unique decorative imprints one would recognize Indian styles, and also unexpected drifts to Italian design. The company's founders wanted to proudly showcase the fine art and making capabilities of their native India, and give the craftsmen due recognition. They have successfully paid homage to their heritage by elevating indigenous art and taking it to global design platforms.