It was almost the end of their midsummer night party, heiress Abigail Van Ross, Lady Beatrice and divine Princess Devyaani were sharing the last of their heady gossip. They heard a strange whisper from Madame Vasilica a reputed society women with a penchant for sorcery. Her words seemed real and a touch ludicrous. ‘Twas no longer “a kiss of a frog” that would beget Prince Charming. The millennial tale involved a “selfie with a donkey” to find one’s true calling. After all, who didn’t covet an eccentric CIUCO for a perfectly asinine and fun-filled, ever-after life.

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    Ciuco Cabinet

    Ciuco Cabinet

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    Mimi Cabinet

    Mimi Cabinet



“Until one has loved an animal, a part of one’s soul remains unawakened.” Pushing the boundaries of shape and form, Matteo’s ANIMAGIC is a celebration of animal forms in andromorphous design. An odd mix of humour, luxury and utility, these pieces go beyond being furniture - they are magical, sculptural objects, almost life like, that make you smile every time you glance at them. Scarlet Splendour brings to you Matteo Cibic’s ANIMAGIC, an odd collaboration of humour and luxury, handcrafted in animal forms.

It is a donkey world! Meet the dashing Ciuco, a gentleman in his own right. This piece from theANIMAGIC collection challenges stereotypes as it gleams in its andromorphous glory. Cast in brass and crafted with white resin inlay, the Ciuco Cabinet adds a bit of magic to any space it takes up. Behind the tuxedo lies a spacious cabinet which can hold a large bar or crockery.

Make way for some magic with Mimi. Whimsical, utilitarian and eclectic, the Mimi Cabinet celebrates life, love and luxury all in one statement piece of furniture. Her giant rabbit ears, plump belly, tall dainty legs and rich brass trims add opulence to any interior space.