From exquisite cabinets and coffee tables to awe-inspiring bookshelves and chairs, these are some of the best metal furniture pieces

By Pallavi Mehra

June, 2021

The Wolk Chair by Richard Hutten and Scarlet Splendour

In recent years, designers and brands globally have been utilising metals such as brass, steel, copper and aluminium to create one-of-a-kind furniture pieces. These works not only push the boundaries of design, but also celebrate traditional craftsmanship. They are an eclectic mix of traditional and contemporary, quirky and serious, and practical and dramatic. Here are our six favourite luxury metal furniture pieces.

Scarlet Splendour’s Strings Cabinet (gold) in the Doro Luxe Scarlet Room


Scarlet Splendour released the opulent Strings collection in collaboration with renowned furniture designer Nika Zupanc. With this range, Zupanc magically achieves lightness and transparency, by taking “strings” of metal, and metamorphosing them into arresting furniture. The “strings” incorporated in the collection are reminiscent of strings of a musical instrument or textile strings of daily use. The range exhibits an elegant paradox as “strings” made of hard steel have been used to make cabinets and credenzas. Nika Zupanc utilises distinctive features of metal and unique finishes and polishes to design a range, which is a blend of form and texture.

Strings Cabinet

From Nika Zupanc’s dazzling Strings collection, the Strings Cabinet stands tall with countless steel “strings” evenly crafted to create a phantasmagorical translucency that is almost surprising in a metal cabinet. This sleek cabinet, dressed in stainless steel brushed with a glossy blue, gold or silver finish is a visual treat. It is multi-faceted and functional in its use, comprising spacious shelves and soft elegant edges. “The idea behind the Strings collection is to use just one element, in this case a metal bar. Three-dimensional objects are created out of repetition,” said Zupanc. Therefore, the Strings Cabinet is a celebration of metal and showcases it in all its glory

Katz Studio’s stunning tables , Photo Credit-Katz Studio

Katz Studio’s stunning tables , Photo Credit-Katz Studio



Katz Studio is a Mexico-based design studio with a focus on creating unique tables, sculptures, wall panels and decorative objects. Merging the art and design worlds into a seamless whole, the aim of the studio is to create enduring works of beauty that provoke the viewer to examine what functional art can be. An exercise in pure aesthetic expression and the limitless potential of volume and light, Katz takes us on a journey to a different world, a parallel universe where anything is possible. The studio’s exquisite works are primarily made of cast bronze and feature a glossy, mirror finish.

Katz Studio’s spectacular wall panels , Photo Credit-Katz Studio

Katz Studio’s spectacular wall panels , Photo Credit-Katz Studio


Katz’s work borrows imagery and textures from the natural world. The tables, sculptures and vases frequently feature the mathematical precision of forms found in flower petals, or the chaotic and random arrangement of water droplets, ripples, and sparks, while evoking a sense of wonder in the viewer via their seamless finish and striking compositions. Combining form, function, and a playful and liberated approach towards geometry and abstraction, Katz Studio is a place of experimentation and discovery, a place where the imaginary becomes real.

Elena Salmistraro and De Castelli’s Polifemo Cabinet
Photo Credit- Massimo Gardone


Italian designer Elena Salmistraro has partnered with renowned furniture brand De Castelli to craft the luxurious Polifemo Cabinet. Balanced on slender legs, the legendary cyclops invades domestic spaces to reinvent home cabinetry. Its large eye becomes a handle and the robust body contrasts with the lightness of the legs in eccentric visual imbalance. Without a doubt, it is a scenic container sure to get noticed: the solid wood structure is richly covered in a copper dress featuring ornamental incisions, rhythmically marking its surface.

The Polifemo Cabinet embodies understated luxury
Photo Credit- Massimo Gardone

The Polifemo Cabinet by Elena Salmistraro and De Castelli is made in brushed copper with a matte finish and features stainless steel legs. This tasteful cabinet embodies understated luxury. A crossroads between fine craftsmanship, advanced technology and aesthetic research, the cabinet interprets the potential of metal as a flexible material. Faithful to its decision to reinstate the special role of metal in design and experimentation, De Castelli infuses artisan ideas and workmanship into industrial processes, leading to entirely original results. The Polifemo Cabinet reveals a noble, deep soul, rejecting flashy solutions while aiming straight for the very substance of a material.

Erwan Boulloud’s distinctive cabinets, Photo Credit- Harry Matenaer

Erwan Boulloud’s distinctive cabinets, Photo Credit- Harry Matenaer



French furniture designer Erwan Boulloud graduated from Ecole Boulle in 1995 and honed his craft in the workshops of various creators, and in museums such as the Louvre and the Museum of Natural History of Paris where he specialised in the presentation of works of art and priceless artefacts. The influence of Natural Sciences on Erwan’s imagination leads him to talk about his pieces as though they were specimens: they are the representatives of species for which he laid the foundations, and that have since evolved. “The toughest part of the creative process is to find an idea, a theme that’s worthy of being developed. If the resulting piece shows signs that this theme is solid, you have to mine the lode, follow the vein, and that first piece will have a significant lineage,” states Erwan Boulloud.

Erwan Boulloud’s unique metal furniture, Photo Credit- Harry Matenaer

Erwan Boulloud’s unique metal furniture, Photo Credit- Harry Matenaer


Boulloud’s sculptural approach to design and eclectic choice of materials sets him apart in the contemporary art scene and his work is featured in fairs and exhibitions around the world. In particular, Boulloud’s furniture pieces in metal are eye-catching, innovative and push the boundaries of furniture design. Primarily, his works are made of brass and feature an elegant patina finish. In the designer’s opinion, the success of a piece isn’t measured by its aesthetic qualities. Above all, it must be justified by an intellectual process, the expression of an idea.

The Wolk Chair is reminiscent of a cloud


Scarlet Splendour has collaborated with Dutch designer Richard Hutten to create the one-of-a-kind Wolk Chair. Beautiful, rare mammatus clouds inspire Richard Hutten’s Wolk Chair for Scarlet Splendour. Translated into furniture it becomes larger than life and is a testimony to the brilliance of Dutch design. Experience ergonomic euphoria with Richard Hutton’s Wolk Chair. This regal gold chair is made in pure brass and features a gloss, mirror-like finish. It is designed for both style and comfort. The Wolk Chair goes beyond being a chair to make you feel as if you were on cloud nine!

The Wolk Chair showcases Scarlet Splendour’s determination to revive the dying heritage crafts of India. In addition, this exquisite piece of furniture exhibits the brand’s distinctive workmanship and evokes a sense of magnificence and grandeur. This beautiful furniture piece will add sparkle to the interior decoration of any home. The Wolk Chair displays a refreshed take on age-old Indian craftsmanship by transforming it into awe-inspiring, craft-intensive furniture.

The Metric Bookcase is a distinctive metal bookshelf
Photo Credit- Mogg Design


This distinctive metal bookcase was designed by CTRLZAK for furniture brand Mogg Design. CTRLZAK is a hybrid studio that integrates diverse disciplines and forms of expressions. Founded by artists and designers Katia Meneghini and Thanos Zakopoulos, the studio’s creations are based on extensive research into humanity’s cultural history and the natural world that surrounds us in order to create a meaningful future. Metric is an iron bookcase available in titanium, burnished and gold finishes with transparent glass shelves available in bronze or green.

The Metric Bookcase has a minimal design aesthetic
Photo Credit- Mogg Design

Architect Nicola Galbiati founded Mogg Design in April 2012, presenting their first collection at Salone del Mobile in Milan, Italy. The Metric Bookcase is a part of their collaboration with CTRLZAK. Contemporary and minimal, the structure of the Metric Bookcase is simple; the rhythm is punctuated by the iron rods fixed at different intervals on an openly rigorous structure within which the books and the inserted objects complete the shape by writing new compositions from time to time. This bookcase features a unique design and is available in a number of configurations and sizes.