Introduction to Scarlet Splendour

A sneak peek into the world of Scarlet Splendour - its history, its founders and its design ethos

By Pallavi Mehra

January, 2021

Siblings Ashish Bajoria and Suman Kanodia are the founders of Scarlet Splendour

About Scarlet Splendour

In 2014, siblings Ashish Bajoria and Suman Kanodia established Scarlet Splendour in their hometown - Kolkata, India. The brand is an embodiment of the duo's passion for luxurious design and avant-garde sensibilities. They embarked on a journey to create exquisitely crafted, path-breaking furniture, lighting and carpets that are an eclectic blend of Indian and European, futuristic and traditional, daring and serious, and practical and whimsical. 

Forest Sofa Green

Scarlet Splendour unveiled its first collection at Spazio Rossana Orlandi, a prominent Italian art gallery during the Milan Design Week in 2015. Since then, this famous furniture design brand has collaborated with a number of modern architects and designers, as well as multinational boutiques and interior design magazines . Some of the internationally acclaimed furniture designers and design studios that Scarlet Splendour has worked with include Matteo Cibic, Nika Zupanc, Richard Hutten, Marcantonio, Dario Contessotto, Elena Salmistraro and Artefatto Design Studio among others.

Scarlet Splendour rethinks interior decor and offers awe-inspiring pieces that add joy to the spaces they inhabit, and spark the curiosity of the person interacting with them. This interior design brand’s products exude an unconventional vocabulary that infuses beauty, drama and character into everyday life.

Scarlet Splendour’s offerings blur the lines between art, furniture and heirloom. They inspire daydreams and take viewers on an immersive voyage through a parallel reality. Each vibrant product is hand-made and exhibits a global appeal while celebrating Indian craftsmanship. The design is undoubtedly European, with clean lines. However, the detailing has been inspired by Indian artistry. These exotic Indian furniture pieces veer between surrealism, absurdism, Art Deco, Indian Modern, the exuberant works of artists such as Andy Warhol and Jeff Koons, and most importantly, functionalism. 

In 2018, Scarlet Splendour took part in Salone del Mobile Milan, which was not only a turning point for the company, but also an important milestone for the Indian design community. Scarlet Splendour is a leader in its industry, setting trends and reinventing the idea of luxury in contemporary living.

About the Founders

Ashish Bajoria and Suman Kanodia’s vision is to bring the ingenuity of Indian craftsmanship to the international arena. The founders’ upbringing was in a rich multi-cultural environment, and they were exposed to interior decoration , art and artisanry from a very young age, which needless to say, honed their design lens through a love for curating charming furniture, accessories and artworks.

“We were born with a colour sense and brought up with a lot of art around us. Our mother exposed us to the best artisans and the best art teachers. I learned carpentry when I was eight, and I made a huge cabinet when I was about nine or ten. My sister has a jewellery box that I made when I was ten years old – it still works perfectly,” says Ashish. 


Years later, unified by a joint passion for art and interior design, the siblings’ commitment to showcase indigenous artisanship and create revolutionary furniture has translated into an internationally revered brand.

Design Philosophy

Scarlet Splendour marries its exquisite craftsmanship with trailblazing design to evoke drama and timelessness. The brand showcases the founders’ distinctive interior decoration ideas for homes and passion for luxury. The company’s pieces reflect a design ethos inspired from various periods. Suman describes Scarlet Splendour’s design aesthetic as: “luxurious, stylish and elegant with a contemporary, fun, sometimes pop aesthetic.”

Scarlet Splendour is firmly rooted in India with the world on its horizon. “We want to increase our collaborations with designers from different parts of the world and take our brand to every part of the globe. Starting from our store at home – Teatro Scarlet, in Kolkata – we are looking at opening studios in different cities every year,” concludes Suman.

Founders' Top Scarlet Splendour Picks