Whether you’re having a formal dinner party or an intimate gathering with close friends, these timeless bars offer the ideal setting

By Pallavi Mehra

July, 2021

The Cicada Bar Cabinet exudes the spirit of the French Riviera!

When furnishing your home, choosing the right home bar is a crucial decision. Your home bar should fit your needs, and ultimately, showcase your personality to your guests. In the last few years, a number of Indian and international designers and brands have experimented with bold hues and playful finishes to craft one-of-a-kind bars that rival commercial spaces. These bars exhibit the finesse and form of an art piece, detailing and function of world-class design and artistry to admire. Here is our selection of eight chic bars that will make you want to throw a party!

The Niswa Bar Cabinet is available in a range of hues

The Niswa Bar Cabinet is available in a range of hues



The Nizwa Bar Cabinet is a part of he Shamsian collection, made in collaboration with master craftsman Mohammad Reza Shamsian and his Muscat-based workshop of highly skilled artisans using ancient techniques, such as 16th century marquetry, combined with cutting-edge technology and the finest natural materials including marble, hand-stained maple and brass. The pattern on the bar cabinet is inspired by the rounded castellations of the Nizwa Fort in Oman and the ombré colour effect caused by the way the sunlight falls across them. The bar is made using specially selected Italian maple veneers that are dyed immediately after being cut from the tree when still ‘wet’ resulting in deeper, richer colours. The ombré effect in the Italian maple veneers is created by hand-shading each veneer, a technique mastered by the brand’s craftspeople in Muscat. The elegant pattern is meticulously constructed by hand, using the ancient technique of marquetry. Each door contains one hundred and eighteen maple veneer ‘petals.’ The Niswa Bar Cabinet is available in a range of hues.

The 88 Secrets Bar Blush Rose showcases one-of-a-kind craftsmanship


Elevate the interior decoration of your home with the 88 Secrets Bar from the 88 Secrets collection by Nika Zupanc for Scarlet Splendour. Inspired by the 88 constellations officially recognised by NASA, each piece from the 88 Secrets collection tells a story. Inside each furniture piece lays a timeless tale of experimental design, rich culture and one-of-a-kind craftsmanship. This bar displays Scarlet Splendour’s strong manufacturing prowess and unique aesthetic language.

88 Secrets Bar Verde Oro is a conversation-starter!

This conversation-starter bar is a cabinet with sensuous feminine lines and luxurious metal trims. The closed bar is reminiscent of a wrapped gift with gold ribbons. The cabinet opens up to reveal a large bar with room for a multitude of wine and spirit bottles as well as holders for wine glasses to hang from. Embellished using the finest materials, this bar is defined by an aesthetic, which is whimsical and minialistic at the same time. This bar is available in a spectrum of colours.

The Cicada Bar Cabinet exudes the spirit of the French Riviera!

The Cicada Bar Cabinet exudes the spirit of the French Riviera!



The glamorous Cicada Bar Cabinet by Alexander Lamont is an entertaining cabinet that exudes the spirit of the French Riviera in summer—shimmering waters, floating insects on the breeze and the sounds of jazz and laughter. Smokey figured eucalyptus exterior meets the tones of natural mica on the front and a powerful bronze cicada handle sits at centre above bamboo-inspired wrapped legs. The Cicada Bar Cabinet by Alexander Lamont offers an invitation to come together and enjoy the relaxing and convivial atmosphere of your home bar. This bar exhibits Alexander Lamont’s trademark attention to detail and is embedded in indigenous craft and materiality, evoking an iconic memory. Inside this beautiful drinks cabinet, cool figured maple and mirror create a glowing interior. This home bar weaves an opulent visual tapestry and adds a touch of comfort to any space.

Slim Side Vertical by is a timeless bar!

Slim Side Vertical by is a timeless bar!



Slim Side Vertical is a luxurious bar cabinet designed by Massimo Castagna for the Henge brand. This spectacular bar is available in different metal finishes and its inner inserts are made of wood. Slim Side Vertical incorporates the lines of the low sideboard of the same collection: in this version, it acquired more details, enclosed in a large volume that extends in height. This bar is a timeless piece of furniture that is extremely functional and durable. Slim Side Vertical is a versatile bar unit, perfect to furnish a refined living room, but can also be used in a restaurant, lounge bar, or to furnish a luxurious hotel suite. The various metal finishes make it possible to meet the needs of each consumer. This stylish bar exhibits Henge’s focus on design innovation, intricate detailing and delicate workmanship.

The stunning Madame Verdoux and Monsieur Verdoux Bar Cabinet!


Madame Verdoux is a splendid cabinet from the Vanilla Noir collection designed by Matteo Cibic with lace inspired motifs and rich black leather interiors. It can be used as a bar or a storage cabinet. Also from the Vanilla Noir collection, the Monsieur Verdoux Bar Cabinet is an awe-inspiring bar cabinet, with fine leather interiors, designed to hold a full bar. These sculptural, yet super functional bar units are made of the finest materials—MDF, plywood, teakwood, resin inlay and leather. These arresting bars exude an international appeal, while celebrating Indian workmanship.

Madame Verdoux features a unique resin that replicates ivory inlay!

Moreover, Scarlet Splendour has pushed the boundaries with materials and production techniques in these trailblazing bar cabinets. These striking home bars feature a unique resin that replicates ivory inlay, which exhibits a modern twist to the playfully geometric designs of traditional bone marquetry. The units are defined by an aesthetic, which is playful and practical at the same time. The Madame Verdoux and Monsieur Verdoux Bar Cabinet is an amalgamation of the brand’s one-of-a-kind artistry with immaculate design, which evoke sumptuousness.

Steve Leung designed the Palawan Bar for Visionnaire

Steve Leung designed the Palawan Bar for Visionnaire



Designed by Steve Leung, the Palawan Bar by Visionnaire is an exquisite bar unit in polished lacquered wood with two curved engraved mirror doors, UV welded angles, satinized lacquered aluminium handles and leather tassels. It oozes elegance through a bespoke mélange of soothing hues and textures. The Palawan Bar exhibits an unparalleled combination of detailing and innovative use of materials. The Palawan Bar’s inside shelves are in lacquered wood and crystal. The cabinet features an inside back part in mirror and a shaped base with legs in lacquered polished beech wood. Its external back profiles are in polished stainless steel and legs are in satinized steel. This bar’s metal parts are available in chrome, gold, champagne, bronze, Siena, black nickel and gunmetal finishing.

Oasis Cabinet Snow in a luxury home


The Oasis collection by Droog Design cofounder Richard Hutten for Scarlet Splendour aims to stun the viewer in the vast desert of mundane design. The Oasis Cabinet from this collection is highly visual. It is sleek and utilitarian, dressed in about two hundred brass “thorns.” This chic cabinet is available in two hues—white and green. Both the variants are covered in gleaming brass spheres reminiscent of thorns on a succulent cactus. The Oasis Cabinet Snow is a pristine white cabinet with scarlet interiors and the Oasis Cabinet is a novel deep green cabinet with pale blue interiors.

Oasis Cabinet

The gleaming Oasis Cabinet showcases Richard Hutten’s attention to detail and functions as a spacious bar. Designed to be evocative of a monumental cactus, the Oasis Cabinet is eye-catching and thought provoking. Made with MDF, plywood and brass, this bar is an epitome of contrasts—it is bold yet elegant, it is opulent, while still being highly functional.