Here, the multifaceted Janavi Javeri discusses what luxury means to her and shares her best interior styling tips

By Pallavi Mehra

April, 2021

Interior Stylist Janavi Javeri shares her best interior styling tips

Janavi Javeri’s professional experience began in the field of style and design. Before she founded Walls & Things, her interior styling firm, she earned her Masters degree at Kings College, London, and worked as a merchandiser and buyer for Reliance Brands (BCBG Max Azria, Kate Spade and Furla) in India. There, she enjoyed curating the brands’ collections and keeping up with international design trends. It wasn’t until Janavi was re-decorating her home that she realised her passion extended to interiors and home decor, leading her to create Walls & Things. The business began as a platform on Instagram to generate awareness on the availability of different home products, styling these products within a home setting, and creating well-designed spaces. Combining her love for style with her background in merchandising and visual curation, Janavi has grounded her practice on sharing her sensibilities and making stylish living affordable.

Here, the multifaceted Janavi Javeri discusses what luxury means to her and shares her best interior styling tips.

Pallavi Mehra (PM): What’s the role of an interior stylist? What do you most enjoy about styling a space?

Janavi Javeri (JJ): The role of an interior stylist is to complete a space by bringing in all the soft furnishings, simple furniture, artwork, and decorative accessories. The stylist brings together all these details in an aesthetically pleasing way to create a space that is considered, inviting, and ultimately an expression of those living in it. We focus on the principles of balance and harmony to ensure that every object evokes a sense of luxury and style that contributes to its larger story. As we often like to say—‘interior styling turns a home into a home.’

Pictured here is a living room styled by Janavi Javeri

Architect-Rajesh Patel

Photo Credit-Ravi Kanade

PM: Tell us about your biggest inspirations…

JJ: Our aspirations inspire us everyday. Our biggest aspiration is to change the way people feel about interiors. Most believe that interior styling is an overwhelming and expensive endeavour, but they don’t realize that styling can go a long way without spending very much to create a warm and harmonious home. It’s the little details, additions, and changes that can end up making the biggest difference. A space can be well designed, but it’s only complete with the right accessories. We hope to educate people on the importance of styling and make good design accessible to all.

Pictured here is Lonavala home styled by Janavi

Architect- Rajesh Patel

Photo Credit- Ravi Kanade

PM: Please share some easy ways to enhance the interiors of a home.

JJ: There are so many places to start, but at the end of the day, we believe that any action you take to enhance your home should have a meaningful impact. From the accessories to artwork, here are some small but impactful changes that are easy enough to execute and can instantly bring some new life to your space.

1. The right accessories can bring form, colour, and texture to a space while shaping and personalizing the identity of the room. From rugs to vases, each item has its own set of unique characteristics that can enhance a space and contribute to its story. When selecting accessories, focus on an aesthetic and look at colour, texture, and form. The hue should match with your overall scheme or provide a complementary pop, while a variety of textures and shapes will create dimension and richness.

2. Textiles in the form of upholstery, cushions, throws, bedding, and rugs can transform a space with their colour, texture, and pattern and make it feel inviting. A simple way to give your living room a facelift is with a quick change of upholstery or replacing your cushions with a new set. This is also the ideal place to try a new colour or material trend or pull in a different print or texture. Incorporating textiles with local printing techniques, embroidery styles, or history add a cultural dimension as well.

3. Whether unruly or neatly bunched together, botanicals and houseplants (large and small) infuse a natural, serene feel in any interior. Their organic forms and hues add a fresh touch that you really can’t go wrong with, making them one of our all-time styling essentials. While you can scatter small plants around or group them in one area, there’s nothing like a large statement palm in an eye-catching planter to dress up a corner!

4. Art is an instant way to enhance and uplift a space. It can draw attention to a particular focal point and build the mood of the room. A properly displayed sculpture, painting, or unique object never fails to express taste and make a statement! Art also doesn’t always have to be expensive. You can find great prints and photographs online at accessible prices.

Styling is a form of communication that offers versatility in accordance to personal moods and tastes. By adding, editing and curating items, you can change or accentuate the tone of any room without altering its structure.

Interior Styling is a form of communication that offers versatility. Pictured here is bedroom featuring Scarlet Splendour’s Lulu Cabinet and Woman In Paris Oro vanity table


PM: Do you have any tips on how to style our WFH spaces?

JJ: As WFH has been our modus operandi for the last year, we’ve all had to turn our mainly comfort-focused homes into efficient workspaces. Once you’ve settled on a dedicated space to work, the right styling can transform it into a place that’s motivating, functional, and of course, stylish!

Our first tip is to incorporate elements (like beautiful stationary, decorative objects, or wall art) that are joyful and will reduce stress. Even if you’re crunching numbers all day, working in an aesthetically pleasing space will energize you! Our second tip is to bring in a small potted plant or larger leaves to evoke calmness and clarity. A touch of fresh life can brighten your space and uplift your mood. It’s always important to have adequate lighting, whether that’s placing your desk in front of a window and/or illuminating it with a well-lit lamp. Natural light enhances levels of focus and concentration to help you be your most efficient. Lastly, and potentially the biggest, organization is key to a well-styled space. Having clear designated spots for all your paperwork and office supplies keeps work surfaces clean and friendly. Some stylish options include rattan baskets, decorative trinket trays, acrylic paper trays, and matching accessory sets. The neater your workspace is, the more welcoming it is to get back to the next day!

A corner in Neerja Birla’s home styled by Janavi Javeri



PM: What does luxury mean to you? Which Indian and international brands embody luxury?

JJ: I believe that luxury lies in fine craftsmanship, thoughtful design, authenticity, and the power to evoke emotion. An object doesn’t have to be ostentatious to be luxurious, but it needs to be well designed, balanced, and convey a feeling of specialness. Modern luxury is also about less is more. It’s the art of creating an elegant and refined look while understanding the power of editing.

As a stylist, luxury lies as much in the object as what it brings to the space. Some of the brands I like include Bo concept, Rochebobis, Cutipol, Jonathan Adler, Bernardaud and Restoration Hardware. We also love Scarlet Splendour because of their perfect meld between high artistry and craftsmanship with every design evoking joy and wonder. Their furniture is maximalist and eclectic but still stands out beautifully in minimalist settings.

An eclectic living room featuring Scarlet Splendour’s furniture pieces - Orion Sofa Blanche Oro, Orion Lounge Chair Gold Oro, Stella Rug Pearl, 88 Secrets Bar Jade Oro and Stella Coffee Tables


PM: According to you, the future of design is…

JJ: I believe that in the future of design, originality will be more important than ever. As designer services and products grow more accessible to a wider global audience and inspiration can be tapped in seconds on platforms like Pinterest and Instagram, we seem to be veering towards the same trends and looks that can be replicated in almost formulaic ways. In response to this, people will seek that one-of-a-kind look or interior that is novel and isn’t available to everyone. I believe we’ll see more collaboration across design disciplines to create unique products with unparalleled levels of craftsmanship. The group of creative people developing one-off artisanal pieces will continue to expand and their work will become even more special and sought-after. This, in turn, will lead to more bespoke interiors.