For the first time in India, Scarlet Splendour brings to you the conceptual and playful creations of Richard Hutten. One of Holland’s most influential designers, he is also the founding member of the Droog Design movement. Here’s a glimpse of his Oasis Cabinet that starred at Salone Del Mobile Milano 2019.

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Rocky Santaro, Nick Goldberg, Charles Raymond and Vic Vickersare young, wealthy, care free bachelors who live a life of passion and indulgence as accorded to young men of status. When Rocky and Nick got a little over their head in trouble, they were summoned to Ms Tangiers. A paradoxical woman seated on a gold Wolk. Floating away on cloud nine,shepre sided over her earthly affairs with calm ruthlessness. Rocky and Nick were shaken from their mirthful demean our when they noticed the two monitor lizards languishing at Ms Tangiers feet. The creatures looked suspiciously familiar. Charles? Vic?


Lady Thorne often called “the Queen of Mean” is a social media tycoon despite her less than social demeanour. Married to the stiff upper-lipped, Lord Wesley Thorne, they loved spreading their humourless existence across the globe. Accompanying them were their dour-faced, family heirlooms – butler Battoo and bodyguard Manba. It was a reassuringly lifeless night, until their priceless cargo arrived bearing gifts. For the Lord, an intriguing cactus shaped bar adorned with 200 brass thorns (naturally) and for the Lady a befitting throne – a large golden cloud. Seduced by the beats of Raqs Sharqi; an expressive dance form with complex belly movements, Lord Thorne took over the dance floor. Let’s just say, Lady Thorne would make him pay!