Fools' Gold

Evoking the rush of emotion
on discovering gold

In the 16th century, English seamen voyaging to Canada stumbled upon gold—or so they thought. It filled the men’s hearts with intense momentary delight. Inspired by that same rush of excitement, this collection’s rich texture and colour combine traditional techniques in pure brass with contemporary amorphous sculpting.

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    Cheer Bedside Table

    Bedside Table

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    Delight Centre & Coffee Table

    Centre & Coffee Table

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    Ecstasy Dining Table

    Dining Table

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    Elation Side Table

    Side Table

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    Pleasure Console


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    Rapture Chair


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    Bliss Console Table

    Console Table

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    Euphoria Centre Table

    Centre Table


The Fool's Gold Story

The Fools' Gold Collection of amorphous forms, cast in brass, is a tribute to the heritage of Indian metal craftsmanship. India, in fact, is one of the largest brass makers in the world. The art of brass handicraft has been practised here for almost 5 million years, say historians. Brass, a simple alloy of copper and zinc can often be confused with gold. Much like Martin Frobisher, the British seaman who visited Canada in the 16th century, saw a shiny metal like gold, mistaking it to be gold itself.

This idiosyncratic and quirky collection designed solely by the founders of Scarlet Splendour, demonstrates how life extends beyond its own subjective limits of how our mind perceives merely the surface of what our eyes fathom, but rarely beneath. The founding duo's determination to revive the dying heritage crafts of India, while simultaneously refocusing the global eyeballs to the intimacy of what Indian artisanship renders, led to the birth of the Fools' Gold collection.

The almost awkward beauty is inspired by the host of emotional experiences felt by the seamen who discovered Fools' Gold, taking you voyaging through the depths of your very own sub-conscious realms, with subtle humour.

Indulge in the synchronicity of how immaculately each piece is built using metal casting techniques from ancient India, whilst infusing the elements of chic world design into it. Sometimes believing is seeing, accentuating the illusions of the mind's eye.