The Forest is designer Marcantonio’s debut collection for Scarlet Splendour. All the sculptural pieces of furniture and accessories you see are designed to evoke strong emotions that represent nature. Mystery, curiosity, humour, originality and functionality are at the heart of each creation.

  • Forest Chair

    Forest Chair



For his debut creations, Marcantonio introduced “Vegetal Animal”, a concept that evokes strong emotions to represent ‘nature’.

What only began as an exclusive chair turned into sculptural wonders that include everything from cabinets, chairs, sofas to rugs and lamps. With each unique product, the idea was to literally bring a forest into a home. Quirky shapes and subtleties, earthy colour tones and brass finishes create a sense of eccentricity and luxury when the collection is seen as whole or even as individual pieces of art.

Experience the connections between Man and Nature, through the eyes of our Italian sculptor and designer Marcantonio.