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    Chhau Donna Cabinet

    Chhau Donna Cabinet


Elena Salmistraro's craft is unique. She looks for inspiration in ethnochoreology – the detailed study of ethnic dance. Dance as a form of art has unparalleled rhythm and has always been a part of human culture. Scarlet Splendour presents I Danaztori by Elena Salmistraro. Borrowed from the classical dances of India and the grandeur of the dancers' costumes. However, nothing in the collection can be recognised as old fashioned or even traditional. It revives some of India’s deep rooted cultures, philosophies and stories with a contemporary design style. Each piece takes the spectators by surprise and into a trance like state with its mesmerising structure.

Similar to dancers rehearsing their flawless movements over countless hours, our skilled local craftsmen too, have spent days and nights perfecting the sculptural yet functional collection. Capturing the expressive details with geometric nuances and an alluring gamut of colours using materials like plywood and nautical resin.

Come discover magic, as motion merges with the motionless to create a silent rhythm and an awe-inspiring performance.