Lucasta Ludwig, a young 14th century wizard was said to be in possession of a magical chamber of spirits that could control the senses. By this powervested in him, Lulu lured maidens to dance with wild abandon, bestowedamazing powers upon the meek and made spirits (well) soar. Misuse of power,one might say. But if Lulu were born today, he would surely be among the most powerful men alive. Our spirits completely captivated by his mystical insignia of the eye and the lip.

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    Lulu Cabinet

    Lulu Cabinet



There comes a moment when a piece of furniture transforms into a magnificent form of beauty.That’s a Lulu. Matteo Cibic takes a gorgeous gold mouth and an eye, two vital senses, to merge them into one super sense. The Lulu collection is a celebration of our sense of vision and touch, and more subtly, our sense of humor to light up any room or living space.

The Lulu Cabinet by Matteo Cibic is sculpted in brass and resin with a brass eye-lip shaped tray in its middle which doubles up as tabletop. The inside is fully and opulently lined in brass.