A mandala encapsulates the world soul

It enhances a living space and connects the ordinary to the extraordinary. Matteo Cibic’s Mandala collection stuns the senses with its opulent forms and riot of colours. Hand inlaid in brass and resin. Unfold the extraordinary.

  • NEW
    Lotus Sanctum Jade  Cabinet

    Lotus Sanctum Jade

  • NEW
    Lotus Sanctum Cabinet

    Lotus Sanctum


The Mandala Story

The Mandala Collection celebrates humanity at large. It treasures the local, the small-scale, the eccentric, the ordinary; whatever is made out of caring, making it extraordinary. Each piece from this collection is thoughtfully put together by hand. Deeply inspired by the skilful inlay and brass artisanal work of India, the collection evokes a contemplation of our times, where a little humour is required in our daily lives, alongside at least a hint of spirituality, to welcome miracles every day. The reflection of purity, of the human spirit, is brought to life through colourful resin and solid brass craftsmanship. Utopian constructivist designs are contrasted with luxury through decadent forms and awe-inspiring beauty. Each piece will certainly add more meaning, beauty, poetry, connection, atmosphere and ethereal aspects, wherever placed. Enjoy subtle conversations with design, manifested through intrinsic brass and resin inlay, this eclectic and vibration altering work of Matteo Cibic and the keen eye of Scarlet Splendour, all of which only add more enamour to this jubilant collection.