Beautiful Balalaika, the young actress from the Montmartre district of Paris is on the cusp of becoming a big star. A temptress by day and diva by night, she had many admirers. Including the theatre owner, the fabulously wealthy and wildly eccentric Duke. He is known to make or break a career in showbiz with a snap of his fingers. For all of Balalaika’s diva ways, her one true love is Pipa. A passionate but penniless youth, with magical fingers that created oh-such-sweet music. Tonight, the Diva would make a choice. The world at her feet or a life of an unknown, filled with love. What will strum the strings of her sweet heart?

  • Strings Cabinet Blue

    Strings Cabinet Blue

  • Strings Coffee Table

    Strings Coffee Table

  • NEW Ready-to-ship
    Strings Credenza

    Strings Credenza

  • NEW
    Strings Cabinet Gold

    Strings Cabinet Gold

  • Strings Cabinet Silver Gold

    Strings Cabinet Silver Gold



The word strings evokes a vision of lightness in our minds. Be it the strings of a musical instrument or textile strings of everyday use. An elegant paradox emerges when strings are made of the hard steel and defined into cabinets and credenzas. Designer Nika Zupanc magically achieves lightness and transparency in the Strings collection for Scarlet Splendour, taking “strings” of metal and transforming them into path breaking furniture. There is an influence of waves in this collection as well, inspired by the sounds of the sea and the forms that waves take, in the sofas and tables.

From Nika Zupanc’s sensational Strings collection, the Strings Cabinet stands tall with innumerable steel “strings” evenly sculpted to create a translucency that is almost surprising in a metal cabinet. It is versatile in its use with spacious shelves and soft elegant edges.