Rocky Santaro, Nick Goldberg, Charles Raymond and Vic Vickersare young, wealthy, care free bachelors who live a life of passion and indulgence as accorded to young men of status. When Rocky and Nick got a little over their head in trouble, they were summoned to Ms Tangiers. A paradoxical woman seated on a gold Wolk. Floating away on cloud nine,shepre sided over her earthly affairs with calm ruthlessness. Rocky and Nick were shaken from their mirthful demean our when they noticed the two monitor lizards languishing at Ms Tangiers feet. The creatures looked suspiciously familiar. Charles? Vic?

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    Wolk Chair

    Wolk Chair



Richard Hutten’s Wolk collection for Scarlet Splendour is inspired by beautiful, rare mammatus clouds. Translated into furniture it becomes larger than life and is a testimony to the brilliance of Dutch design.

Experience ergonomic euphoria with Richard Hutton’s Wolk Chair. This regal gold chair is made in pure brass and designed for both style and comfort. It goes beyond being a chair to make you feel as if you were on cloud nine!