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Scarlet Splendour

Signature Collection

Envisioned by you, crafted by Scarlet splendour

We invite you to design bespoke furniture and accessories in your SIGNATURE style. From a cabinet to a sideboard, sofa, lounge chairs and more. Expertly crafted by skilled artisans, celebrating the drama in you. Shall we begin?

Grand Armoire

Following the iconic patterns and forms of our Vanilla Noir collection, the Grand Armoire is a magnificent bespoke cabinet, handcrafted in resin inlay with an eccentric top. A pop of red inside is lit up when this wardrobe is opened, revealing concealed shelves and modern hanging systems



Quirky, playful, fantastical, fantastic! Scarlet Splendour seeks drama in everything and everyone. It’s time we unlocked the drama in you. Presenting SIGNATURE Collection, where each bespoke furniture is a celebration of your unique style and imagination. From subtle tones to grand charisma, let your signature style unfold as you customise, personalise and dramatise your luxurious spaces. Rest assured, your SIGNATURE creation will be perfected by our international designers and crafted with the finest material, technologies and unparalleled artisanship.