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Scarlet Splendour

Scarlet splendour
Terms & Conditions

Scarlet splendour
Terms & Conditions


  1. Scarlet Splendour Designs Pvt. Ltd. is a legal entity registered in Kolkata, India under Indian Law.
  2. Scarlet Splendour sells products covered by the “Scarlet Splendour” trademark worldwide.
  3. Every product, drawing, sample, design, sketch, or product whatsoever designed, created, or produced by Scarlet Splendour is the intellectual property of Scarlet Splendour.
  4. Every private person, corporate entity, or registered company who enters into a legal transaction, hereinafter referred to as the ‘customer’.
  5. The ‘order’ is to be understood as a legal transaction regarding the acquisition of the product by the customer.
  6. The Terms and Conditions are applicable to all transactions of Scarlet Splendour, including but not limited to the following activities: Sales of Goods, Design Services, Product Assembly and Fitting.
  7. The DATE OF PURCHASE is to be understood as the date that a pre-payment is received by Scarlet Splendour.
  8. Scarlet Splendour reserves the right to not enter into a legal transaction with a customer at its own discretion.
  9. Scarlet Splendour may modify these Terms and Conditions at any time. By entering into a legal transaction with Scarlet Splendour, the customer accepts the Terms and Conditions in force at the ‘date of purchase’
  10. The Terms and Conditions are published and updated on Scarlet Splendour’s official website (www.scarletsplendour.com) and on the official Price List for consultation.


  1. Scarlet Splendour offers a Design Service to customize its products to meet Customers’ needs and specifications. Additionally, Scarlet Splendour also accepts Made-to-Measure requests.
  2. A design fee is applied to all Custom / Bespoke orders. This fee is deductible from the final product invoice. Scarlet Splendour reserves the right of setting the validity period and the price of a custom-made product’s official quote accordingly.
  3. An official signature and company stamp from the customer is required for all technical drawings / schemes associated to any personalized Custom / Bespoke product.
  4. Lead time for Custom / Bespoke products is proposed case-by-case at Scarlet Splendour’s discretion.
  5. Scarlet Splendour provides a lead time estimate with official quotes and pro-forma invoices that include Custom / Made to Measure / Bespoke products, and establishes a final lead time commitment with each technical drawing to be signed by the customer.


  1. Scarlet Splendour products are one-of-a-kind handcrafted pieces. Each product has its own unique attributes which are impossible to replicate identically from piece to piece due to human factor of finest craftsmanship.
  2. Due to the nature of Scarlet Splendour manufacturing processes, techniques and selection of materials, certain products may exhibit slight variations, minor marks, pitting, porosity and/or colour anomalies.
  3. Many materials and finishes may vary in colour, veining, tone and character, it is considered to be part of the natural beauty. While the manufacturer will make every effort to match a finish and/or texture, no guarantee can be made of an exact match. Manufacturer does not guarantee finishes against fading and oxidizing.
  4. All products featuring brass elements will need to be properly cared for and polished over time. Due to the porous nature of brass, it is common to have slight, unavoidable discrepancies in the metal upon production completion. Foundry products may vary in weight because of the nature of the process.
  5. Scarlet Splendour does not fully guarantee a perfectly clear identity of identical finishes in two or more pieces manufactured in separate orders - with respect to colouring, and precision detailing of handmade processes such as wood carving, ceramics, foundry and other metalwork, for the technical reasons listed above. Scarlet Splendour works every day to enhance product’s quality, aesthetics, usability and reliability.


  1. Scarlet Splendour strongly advises customers to verify firstly if damages are perceptible on the package, and then verify all crates upon delivery in order to check for unconformities in the conditions of the goods.
  2. The original packaging of the products must be kept. In case a claim is submitted, the packaging must be kept during the period in which the claim is settled.
  3. Every claim is assessed case-by-case by Scarlet Splendour’s Customer Care Service. Should any issue with the products received be detected, a written claim must be submitted to the ‘representative’ and Scarlet Splendour’s Customer Care service (at [email protected]) within 7 working days after the reception of the products. After this period, Scarlet Splendour reserves the right to decline any responsibility on the conditions of the goods.
  4. Scarlet Splendour strongly advises customers to verify firstly if damages are perceptible on the package, and then verify all crates upon delivery in order to check for unconformities in the conditions of the goods.


Prior to the start of the production, full advance payment must be made towards Scarlet Splendour. Scarlet Splendour does not entertain any cancellation request once the order has been placed. Any change that may be requested must be communicated in writing to Scarlet Splendour within 2 days of placing the order. Scarlet Splendour reserves the right to charge for any alterations made to the order which will also be communicated to the customer in writing.


Scarlet Splendour shall not be responsible and/or liable for any damages or loss, completion, shipment, or default in delivery towards the customer caused by beyond Scarlet Splendour’s reasonable control, but not limited, to

  1. Government action, war, riots, civil commotion, embargoes or martial laws, strikes, trade union conflicts, accidents, lock outs, terrorism,
  2. Manufacturer’s shortage or absence of raw material, delays on the part of suppliers sources or forwarders,
  3. Shortage of labour, production, or other contingencies of manufacture;
  4. Shortage of transportation facilities or other delays in transit,
  5. Fire, flood or other casualty; as a result of which Scarlet Splendour is not able to fulfill its activities and/or obligations under the agreement.


The customer or any third party acknowledges and agrees upon that the product without prior written approval and agreement with Scarlet Splendour, may not be duplicated, copied, published and/or used for any commercial, marketing or advertising activity or any other purpose than foreseen in the agreement.

In case of any agreed use of the work by the customer, the client shall expressly and in a clear manner mention the name of Scarlet Splendour as the designer of the work.

The customer undertakes to keep the agreement and all information exchanged with Scarlet Splendour strictly confidential without any stipulated time limit.