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Scarlet Splendour


lived a man in the city of great rulers. Designer by craft, he was consumed by ambition. A vision to create a home most wondrous. While his contemporaries travelled to their trusted foreign shores. He travelled deep into the Forest Scarlet for a journey of magic and splendour.

After hours in the woods, he came across an enchanting shade of blue inside bushes, high up on trees and as far as his eyes could see. He whispered,


A few steps ahead, he met the wisest animal of all. Elie, the grand elephant with smiling eyes,

"I can lead you through this magical forest but for one condition, find me a home, new."

He ventured further, guided by Elie, until emerged a nun in white with scarlet lips.

She greeted him politely, "Before you say anything young man, you can ask me one question and only one, so do make it worth your while."

"I will forgo my manners and be quick, Sister. What is this blue that so fills the woods?" He had to enquire.

Impressed, the Nun smiled, "Born from the magical shade of a Robin Egg. It breathes life and enlightens wherever it spreads."

As he passed a doorway, dusk suddenly turned to night. Here he was in a luxurious cave. Lit by the glow of golden cherries and adorned with the most unusual forms of nature. He was drawn into the comfort of a velvet settee and decided to rest and savour his epiphany.

With each passing moment and every new discovery, the man became increasingly sure of himself. His friends, their friends and their friends too would undoubtedly love the home he desired to create.

Overjoyed he kept looking for more. And walked into a setting of bountiful gold, in adorable forms. "If you can move it, this Fools' Gold is yours to own." A voice echoed through the hollow.

Finally, he found a spot where he would build his home. To be lived in, to be loved, to be admired and to be narrated. A tale of fairies and anthropomorphic creatures, of the Scarlet forest and the splendorous hue, he would wisely call Epiphany in Blue.


In a world full of beige and brown interiors, award-winning Interior Designer Sanjyt Syngh has envisioned a fairytale. Epiphany Blue is a fantasy land that showcases his penchant for writing stories based on client briefs and expressing each plot through different mediums.