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Scarlet Splendour

Welcome to Scarlet Rooms. A showcase of Scarlet Splendour’s extraordinary furniture interacting with beautiful living spaces. The Mint Marvel room is set in one of the richest and most daring colour combination – reds and greens and everything in between. Accented by gold and different shades of the same colours bring a sense of cohesion. You can admire the chemistry between geometry, textures and materials created by our celebrated collections like Starbar, 88 Secrets, Oasis, Wolk and Crown. Designed by the best European designers like Richard Hutten, Nika Zupanc and Bellavista & Piccini this space is a beautiful mix of elegance and playful luxury. As you stroll through the room, remember, we patiently await the opportunity to add drama to your amazing spaces too. Thank you for sharing your precious time with us.

Star Bar

The Star Bar is a bespoke bar with a service and a visitor’s counter and a rich brass footrest. The skin, colours, top and size can be customised to the space it enhances.

Collection STARBAR
Recommended Use in a residence, hotel or commercial space
Description Service Counter
Dimension Width 189 cm
Depth 90 cm
Height 104 cm
Material Brass, Plywood

Wolk Coffee Table

Wolk Coffee Table is a slice of a cloud crafted in pure brass, fantastical and luxurious. A conversation point in your living space!

Collection WOLK
Recommended Use In a residence, hotel or commercial space
Description Wolk Coffee Table
Dimension Width 115 cm
Depth 97 cm
Height 43 cm
Material Brass

Strings Sofa

Strings Sofa is an elegant three seater sofa with gorgeous curves. It can be customised in shades

Collection STRINGS
Recommended Use In a residence, hotel, commercial space
Description Sofa
Dimension Width 250 cm
Depth 101.5 cm
Height 96.5 cm
Material Foam, Wood, Velvet

Orion Lounge Chair Verde Oro

The rich deep green velvet contrasted with gold metal arms accentuates the fluid lines of the Orion Lounge Chair Verde Oro.

Collection 88 SECRETS
Recommended Use In a residence, hotel or commercial space
Description Armchair
Dimension Width 94
Depth 76
Height 86 cm
Material Wood, Foam, Metal, Velvet

88 Secrets Bar verde ROSE

88 Secrets Bar Verde Rose is a rich, deep green bar cabinet in sensuous, feminine lines with luxurious rose metal trims. A statement piece in any interior space!

Collection 88 SECRETS
Recommended Use Can be used in a residence or hotel
Description Cabinet
Dimension Width 110cm
Depth 70cm
Height 190cm
Material Plywood, MDF, Metal

Oasis Mirror

Oasis Mirror is exquisite in its form with rich gleaming brass balls and houses magical infinite light reflections within.

Collection OASIS
Recommended Use In a residence, hotel or commercial space
Description Mirror
Dimension Diameter 83
Depth 13 cm
Material MDF, Plywood, Mirror, LED light, Brass


Scarlet Splendour will soon bring to you a luxurious collection of chairs, stools and lounges. Designed by the brilliant and highly talented duo – Bellavista & Piccini from Italy.