Lady Thorne often called “the Queen of Mean” is a social media tycoon despite her less than social demeanour. Married to the stiff upper-lipped, Lord Wesley Thorne, they loved spreading their humourless existence across the globe. Accompanying them were their dour-faced, family heirlooms – butler Battoo and bodyguard Manba. It was a reassuringly lifeless night, until their priceless cargo arrived bearing gifts. For the Lord, an intriguing cactus shaped bar adorned with 200 brass thorns (naturally) and for the Lady a befitting throne – a large golden cloud. Seduced by the beats of Raqs Sharqi; an expressive dance form with complex belly movements, Lord Thorne took over the dance floor. Let’s just say, Lady Thorne would make him pay!

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    Oasis Cabinet

    Oasis Cabinet



Oasis collection by Richard Hutten is highly visual in the vast desert of mundane design, the first glimpse of the Oasis cabinet stuns the viewer. In an odd way it calms one’s senses, in the way all beauty does. It is sleek and utilitarian, dressed in about two hundred brass “thorns” that allure one to its heart – on opening the cabinet, Hutten’s magic works in details of tiny metal balconies and secret shelves.