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Scarlet Splendour

Celestial Wall Art II

Celestial beings on a calm sea of the universe awakens peace and wellbeing in one's consciousness. Celestial Wall Art II is achieved with gentle contrasts in organic textures and colours of brass and copper. Art for the soul.

Celestial Wall Art II

The wall art is made with meticulous marquetry of metal, hand lacquered to retard oxidation, and can be customised to any size. Hanging systems are attached to the artwork for ease of installation on the wall.

Material brass,copper
Dimension width 76 cm x depth 7cm x height 91cm, width 152cm x depth 7cm x height 152cm
Finish Matte
Care and maintenance wipe gently with a soft dry cloth.


In the expanse of the night sky, a Celestial masterpiece unveils itself. Crafted with delicate tones of blue, enhanced with a luminous brass, creating a harmonious symphony of light and colour. Inviting hearts to wander into realms of wonder and awe. Come, discover UNREALISM with Scarlet Splendour.

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