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Scarlet Splendour

Zenith Wall Art I

The zenith of calm and movements away form chaos in the amazing Zenith Wall Art I. Created for your space in copper and resin, with play of textures and contrasts of hues.

Zenith Wall Art I

The wall art is made with meticulous marquetry of resin and metal, hand lacquered to retard oxidation, and can be customised to any size. Hanging systems are attached to the artwork for ease of installation on the wall.

Material copper, resin
Dimension width 76 cm x depth 7cm x height 91cm, width 152cm x depth 7cm x height 152cm
Finish Matte
Care and maintenance wipe gently with a soft dry cloth.


With copper waves frozen in time, an otherworldly panel emerges. Warm tones embrace the senses, invoking a tranquil journey through realms both known and uncharted. In Zenith, art becomes a conduit to serenity, where time stands still and beauty reigns eternal. Have you experienced UNREALISM by Scar

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