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Scarlet Splendour

Totem I

A sculpture that works with the wonderful vibrations that are meant to come to your home. Layer by layer. A conversation piece to reflect at and elevate. In pure natural brass.

Totem I

The totem pole is hand cast in brass with our signature finishes. It can be assembled easily as the pieces rest on a central pole.

Material Brass
Dimension width- 43 cm, depth- 43 cm, height- 183cm
Finish Matte
Care and Maintenance wipe gently with a soft dry cloth.


A sentinel of brass rising skyward, echoes the solemn majesty of ancient stones stacked by nature's hand. It stands tall, bridging the earthly and the divine, inviting contemplation of the human spirit's ascent towards infinity. Each layer a testament to time's passage, bearing the weight of stories

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